"BIG AIR" Carbs

    "BIG AIR" Carbs   Genesis Carb Accessories
These PSI "Big Air" carb manifold adaptor kits are designed to mount the carb to any Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, or Yamaha intake system. These intake manifolds are a must to mount the "Big Air" carb properly because of the special D-Shaped inner diameters and the larger outer diameter.
These manifold kits are available in 42mm, 46mm, & 52mm designs to accommodate the 3 sizes of D-Shaped "Big Air" carbs available. These kits include an aluminum bright-dipped anodized manifold, a specially molded soft rubber boot, 2 snug fitting hose clamps, and all mounting hardware.

All "Big Air" Carbs Without Needles  $525.00 ea. Stainless Steel Needles  $75.00 ea.

Arctic Cat, Polaris & Ski-Doo 42, 46 & 52mm Manifold Kit  $125.00 ea.

Hard Anodized Slides Available - Fit 42, 46, 50 and 52mm Carbs Cutaway in size (richer)  #6, #7, #8, #9 (Leaner) $74.95 ea.

"Easy Pull" Throttle Cables Available
05-404: "Big Air" Throttle Cable Twin W/No Injection $69.95 ea.

05-405: "Big Air" Throttle Cable Twin With Oil Injection $74.95 ea.

05-406: "Big Air" Throttle Cable Triple With Oil Injection  $89.95 ea.

05-819: PSI Power Jet w/clicker Mechanism $39.95 ea.
(With Hose and Right-Angle Fitting $49.95)

Power Jet Kit With Hose & Fitting & Nut - (Update for old carbs)  $59.95 ea.

Primer - Instant Start ON "BIG AIR" Carbs $34.95

05-009: TPS Unit for Throttle Positioner Ignitions $149.95 ea.

Billet Throttle Black Assembly  $69.95

Many needles available - precisely cut by an EDM machine. Call a PSI Technician for recommended setups. It's a very simple tuning system!!! These needles carry a 30 day free exchange program for easy tuning!!
These Manifolds Are Designed For D-Shaped Carbs!!

PSI POWERJETS Also Available For Stock Carbs

Top these fine carbs off or any other carb with our new Air Filtration System (air cleaners). These new air cleaners were truly designed for snowmobile engines. All gauze filters drop lots of air flow once they are loaded up with fuel and oil spit back from these 2 cycle engines. Secondly, most snowmobiles deal with a snow dust problem clogging their gauze and foam filters with moisture. These new "Kick Ass" Filters are designed without gauze but offer a mesh material with a lining of breathable (outer wear) material that flows at 97% of its capability, whether wet or dry. These filters are pleated internally to easily deal with a snowmobiliers needs. Guaranteed not to plug up with snow!! These are the ultimate in Air Filtration. Proven Winners in the deep powder!!
PSI-AF-38-1: 36-38mm Kickass Air Filter $44.95

PSI-AF-44-1: 40-50mm Kickass Air Filter  $44.95

05-848: Vibration Resistent Float System $60.00

 PSI's new custom built Float System provides better
fuel flow with more consistancy.
A MUST for engines that vibrate at idle.