Genesis "BIG AIR" Carbs

    "BIG AIR" Carbs   Genesis Carb Accessories
Winner of ISR Engineering Award!! Winner of the
Millennium Aftermarket Innovation Award!
*Patented and perfected with new V-Shaped Design!
*All new carb bodies - 42-46-52mm!
*High-Tech machining process for better quality!
*50% larger float bowl capacity for the Big motors!
*New shapes for  increased velocity & max flow!
*4 slide designs for perfect throttle response!
*New needles with crispier response!
*Wider slides for better internal coverage!
*Internal spring retainers on needles!
*External low speed air adjustment!
*Unique pilot design for quicker response!
*New float bowl nuts for better fuel retention!

Patented - US 6,273,403 B1
Patented - US 6,435,481 B2

A hi-tech EDM cut needle,Externally Adjustable,with a flat side that vaporizes fuel 4 times better, and an external adjustable powerjet, along with an externally adjustable pilot jet provides 3 simple to use fuel circuits. The "Big Air" Carb does not use any jets and does not require any disassembly for tuning. No gas on your hands, no jets laying in your belly pan and no frozen fingers. All midrange tuning on the needle is done externally with a 4mm allen wrench on a 25 clicker adjustment that moves the needle up and down a total of .250". It has the function somewhat of a megatron carb, but offers many distinct advantages.
Very Atomized Fuel!! V-Shaped Venturi!! Hi-Velocity at Low Speeds!! Big Air Flow on Top End!! 4 Vent System - No Bogs!! Shortest Needle Distance To Front of Carb!! Guaranteed To Impress You!!

The pull of a 38 with the Flow of a 48! Very easy Throttle Pull! No Jets - 4 External Adjustments in seconds! 3 Fuel Circuits and 1 Low-Speed Air Circuit!

Carb So Simple - Anyone Can Use It!!
15-22 HP in most cases
Better than Nitrous

Oh, by the way, here are some other great features that the Patented "Big Air" Carb System offers. An engine is basically an air pump. In simple terms you deliver more air, you get more power. The "upside down D" design delivers more air above half throttle, especially from 3/4 to full throttle. In simple terms, the "Big Air" carb has the pull of a 38 and the flow of a 48mm Big carb. In other words, the best of both worlds, awesome low speed throttle response, incredible midrange pull because of the extremely vaporized fuel, and outstanding top end because of max air flow!

Trail Designed Engines With Small Bores - Use 42mm!! Trailable Big Bores Use 46mm!! Race Motors Use 52mm Carbs!!

Take the good, get rid of the bad and deliver a system that truly works!!

Good looks, incredible performance and easy tuning all come together in one great package!! Really, it sounds too simple and easy to be true!!

*It's not how much it costs to buy them ... It's how much it pays to own them!!!

PSI V-Shaped Billet Carbs come complete with a custom rubber boot, anodized billet intake manifold matched to the carb, a 25 clicker externally adjustable needle system and a powerjet system to match. These carbs are currently available in 3 sizes. We recommend the 42's for small bore trail motors and the 46's-52's for big bore trail or race engines. We've all been waiting too long for a great carburetor system, wait no longer, PSI's "Big Air" carb has set the standards for many years!
Available Set-ups for most Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo & Yamaha - Twins & Triples Most consumers reation to using these easily adjustable "Big Air" Carbs - The Best Hi-Performance dollar we've ever spent on a snowmobile!!