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This Monster Motor defies tradition. It is by far the largest Polaris based Genesis Engine we've ever produced. PSI prototyped a few of these motors last season and we're very impressed with there performance and reliability, and even more importantly how smooth this motor runs.

This motor is extremely well balanced which accounts for its superior smoothness. A motor this smooth is much easier on all motor parts such as cranks, cases, pistons and rings. What makes this Monster Genesis motor tick is a few unique Genesis features. This motor is based from PSI's 1085 Genesis Twin that dominated everywhere. This 3 cylinder Genesis produces over 350HP and 210 ft. lbs. of Torque at 84-8500 rpm and at a lightweight package of 115 lbs. Wow!!

This Genesis "Mad Max" 1620cc Monster Motor utilizes PSI's incredible 10 port Genesis Cylinder with their Nikasil Bores. These cylinders are beautifully ported and uniquely designed with 4 large transfers, 3 intake boost ports and 3 exhaust ports for maximum flow. These incredible Genesis cylinders have a proven track record and are adorned with PSI's New Patented V.E.P. System. Inside each big hole resides a PSI designed 95mm piston that is coated for maximum performance and longevity. On top of these incredible cylinders sit PSI's Patented "Dial-A-Domes" that provide easy external adjustments for changes in compression.

For a solid foundation, PSI's Sand Cast Crankcase provides an outstanding base for our incredibly strong 76mm Billet Stroker Crank. This custom crank has 5 more main bearings than any other 3 cylinder crank. That provides the ability to withstand severe punishment and maximum Torque loads. PSI's crankcase was designed to withstand Hi-Torque loads because it was engineered with cross lateral bracing designed to absorb tremendous Torque loads and keep the cranks from undue stress. The incredible case also incorporates good bracing around bearing journals and extra bolt areas to hold this engine together properly. It also uses 8 bolts to the bottom engine plate for maximum rigidity. This is one tough crank and crankcase to provide a solid foundation for the "Mad Max" Monster motor.

This engine also utilizes the same 3 cylinder ignition, water pump and pull starter as our proven 1500 Genesis Engine. This engine comes completely assembled less reeds, intake manifolds and carbs.

This motor is definitely not for the average guy but for the man that has a real need for speed and can afford to have the best equipment to go with this incredible Genesis Engine. You will need a good chassis, a Billet Clutch, a very strong set of arms, and of course, a Big Set of Balls. Only serious inquires need apply. 

210 ft. lbs. Torque 335 +HP Wow!!



Nickel Or Ceramic Coatings Available!!

Genesis Engine Kit Includes:
1 - PSI Sand Cast Crankcase & Hardware $2995.00
1 - Billet Stroker Crank-Balanced, Pinned & Welded $2995.00
3 - Genesis 10 Port Cylinders $3300.00
3 - Stage V Porting By PSI's Master Porters  $600.00
3 - VEP's (Variable Exhaust Ports) Patented  $900.00
1 - "Dial-A-Dome" Head - Patented $750.00
3 - 98mm PSI Piston & Ring Kits (Coated) $585.00
1 - Custom Exhaust System with Silencers  $1200.00
1 - Complete Ignition System - Modified to Fit $1500.00
1 - Water Pump & Pull Starter Kit & Access $325.00
1 - Gaskets, O-Rings & Seals $125.00
1 - CDI Box $240.00
1 - Lower Water Rail & Crankcase Hardware $160.00
Total: 15,689.00


PSI POWER -  SETTING NEW STANDARDS IN HI-PERFORMANCE!! *Motor Plate Sold Seperately!! *Race Porting Also Available!!