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GENESIS 1500/1800 V.E.P.
Way Big & Way Bad To The Bone!!

PSI is always setting the standards in the Performance Industry and this "Monster Max" Triple will set the standards for years to come. This 1500/1800cc engine is pure PSI gut wrenching HP. This motor has been on the Ice, Snow, Asphalt and Hillclimbs and has proven itself everywhere!

PSI's 1200cc Genesis Twins knocked the socks off the competitors Twin Engines last season. With such good success to work from, PSI's customers begged for a triple version of that highly successful motor package!! PSI obliged with an even Bigger is Better package. When you say Go Big or Go Home this package, its truly not an understatement. We Lead, While Other Follow - As Usual!!

There is more HP (360) and more Torque (over 230 ft. lbs.) than anyone really needs. But for you few that believe in Maximum everything, this kit is for you. It will require you to have the best equipment to go with the biggest and baddest snowmobile engine ever built. It will require more than just a good chassis, billet clutch and a few extra dollars. It will require you to have a Monster Set of Balls.

Seriously, this engine is very mild & tame at low speeds, but under hard accelaration, your eyes will water. If you can afford to do this job right, then you will ultimately own the fastest snowmobile on ice or snow, or climb the highest mountains with the most track speed ever seen. There is no equal, you are ultimately the baddest dude on snow.

If you still think this engine is for you, then lets get to the technical side. This "Monster Max" 1800 utilizes PSI's new 100mm Monster Max Pistons that are uniquely shaped for maximum performance and reliability. These 100mm pistons are Ceramic Coated and dropped into the trickest Hi-Performance cylinders in the market place. PSI's Genesis V.E.P. Cylinders incorporate the first 12 port snowmobile cylinder design that pumps out almost 125HP per hole. This unbelievable Genesis cylinder utilizes PSI's Patented V.E.P. System that was redesigned in '02 and went through 4 seasons with a perfect record!!

PSI's incredible 12 port cylinder and patented VEP System is covered with PSI's patented "Dial-A-Dome" system that allows quick adjustments to compression changes in minutes or less.

This awesome Genesis Top-End sits on top of a 3 cylinder Sand Cast Custom case that utilizes a custom built pinned, welded and balanced Crank. This Crank is ideal for this engine because it is very heavy duty, much like a Harley crank. Then a 3 cylinder ignition is fitted to the crank and crankcase, along with a water pump and pull starter. This PSI Genesis Engine comes completely assembled with ignition system and exhaust system. The customer supplies reeds, carbs, and a Billet Clutch, along with the knowledge that you will decimate your competition.


All Ignition Parts & Pipes are included!

This is a Proven Package

Genesis Engine Kit Includes:
1 - Custom Built 3 Cylinder Crank, Pinned & Welded $2950.00
1 - Crank Balanced & New Bearing Mods  $650.00
1 - Custom Sandcast CPC Crankcase  $3650.00
3 - Genesis 12 Port Cylinders  $3600.00
3 - Stage V Porting By PSI's Master Porters  $600.00
3 - VEP's (Variable Exhaust Ports) Patented  $900.00
1 - "Dial-A-Dome" Head -Patented $750.00
3 - 100mm PSI Piston & Ring Kits (Coated) $585.00
1 - Production Exhaust System & Silencers $1200.00
1 - Complete Ignition System - Modified to Fit $1500.00
1 - Water Pump & Pull Starter & Acces. Kit $400.00
1 - Gaskets, O-Rings & Crankcase Hardware Kit $300.00
1 - CDI Box $240.00
1 - Blueprint & Assemble Engine Complete $360.00 Total: $17,535.00

SPECIAL 1500/1800cc KIT PRICE DISCOUNTED TO: $16,500.00
If you want Competition - Sorry, There Is NONE!! *Engine Mounting Kit Sold Separately *Race Porting Also Available!!