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What's this all about!!!! Our Genesis Engine line for snowmobiles has become a household standard for Hi-Performance Snowmobiling. Many of our customers have 4 wheelers to keep their need for speed satisfied during the summer months and the new Genesis Top End Kits were designed for the flexibility of the trail rider while providing pure power that will thrill any wanna-be racer. The great thing about this new Genesis Powerplant is that it delivers instant throttle response and incredible acceleration and yet is not wild and uncontrollable. It's just very fast and very smooth!! These new Engine Kits have all the latest ideas in Genesis Technology. It comes with a PSI Patented "Dial-A-Dome" head that offers adjustable compression ratios in about 1 minutes time.

The V.E.P. system has been well tested and is a proven product that needs very little attention and increases bottom end immensely, while providing a big boost in midrange and top end power!! Let's talk about top end power! These kits allow flexibility in tuning your power. With the adjustable "Dial-A-Dome" head, different pipe designs and engine timing, you can tune power from 60 HP to almost 75 HP. This is not radical port timings or peaky powerbands. These kits are designed for play riding, boon docking, racing, sand duning or flat out kickin' your buddies ass!!

This Kit Will Take The Fourtrax Into The Millennium and Beyond!!

Daryl Rath debuts PSI's 425cc Genesis at the Orville, OH Pro-National TT. Daryl dominated all weekend with his Genesis Motors and went on to win the final by almost 1/2 a lap. Impressive!!

*Exhaust system is available in unpainted "works" style or Nickel Plated

The Genesis Honda 4-Trax 265 is a bolt-on top end kit for a serious MX, Flattrack or TT racer. It has gobs of power from bottom to top due to our unique Genesis cylinder designs that offer a truly awesome 9 port layout. This kit is at 265cc because the class allows an .080 oversize piston in it which is 68mm on a nikasil cylinder bore. The 60HP cylinder kit (stock 32) incorporates PSI's patented V.E.P. system that makes the engine feel very electric like, but extremely fat power curve.

The cylinder also incorporates large swooping MX style transfers, triple exhaust ports and twin intake boost ports. This unique Genesis cylinder is designed to fit the stock base gasket and requires no case modification. The piston is ceramic coated on top for maximum performance and reliability. PSI's patented "Dial-A-Dome" Head with it's massive cooling capacity offers easily adjustable compression changes to top off this incredible cylinder kit. The kit comes complete with all necessary hardware and o-rings and computer designed exhaust system that was fully developed on our Superflow Computerized Dyno. This package also includes a custom water manifold and a heavy duty head stay.

PSI supplies a completely finished package ready to go racing including the complete exhaust and silencer system and leaves nothing unfinished for your imagination like many other competitors kits do. Let us know what type of racing you intend to do, so we can supply you the proper exhaust system. This is a finished product ready to race and it kicks some serious butt!! This kit is what all others will be judged by in the future!! Guaranteed!! If you're a racer that want's to be at the top of your class - these kits have no equal!! Larger Volume-Hi Flow Radiator kits available!!
A Powerful Advantage!!

1 - Ported Genesis Cylinder Kit (Nikasil) $1200.00
1 - V.E.P. Power Valve  $300.00
1 - "Dial-A-Dome" Head Kit $325.00
2 - Water Rails $150.00
1 - Exhaust & Silencer System $425.00
1 - Ceramic Coated Piston Kit $199.00
1 - Head Stay $75.00
1 - Set Gaskets, O-Rings, & Hardware Kit $100.00
Kit Price $2725.00

Genesis Kits Special Discounted Price: $2695.00

Replaces Stock Radiator
This is an aircraft quality radiator and is the only radiator on the market that is capable of handling the excess heat of a hi-performance engine. $600.00

"Dial-A-Dome" Adjustable Head Compression from 160-250 lbs. $325.00 comes complete w/orings & hardware

Available for Stock 250R and Small Overbores!!

Custom Pipe & Silencer Available for Trail, Motocross, Flat Track or TT!! This Genesis Kit Is The Ultimate Sand Duner!!